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Flaming Closet Zombie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kitana Bradford

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Last Few Days [Sep. 21st, 2011|05:12 am]
Kitana Bradford
A few days left before the Race.  Figured I'd pimp the commissions post one last time.

Thanks for everyone who has already participated!  You guys are so awesome!  <3
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Commissions for a Cure [Sep. 11th, 2011|02:06 pm]
Kitana Bradford
If you've read my LJ, you know that my mom's best friend died recently of breast cancer.  My mom is taking it very hard.
Among other things, she has created a team to participate in an upcoming Race for the Cure marathon event.  I am also taking part in hopes to support my mom as well as other women struggling against breast cancer.
As part of that, just this once, I am opening up commissions for anyone willing to support me (Yes, that is me, my real name is Corrie) and my mom with donations in name of our team.
It's tax deductable too, so in the long run, free art!  What could be better?

I will match your donation amount with care and effort!  The more you give, the more detailed your commission will be.
$10 will get you a chibi (like the one above) or a nice sketch of your choice
$25 equals multiple chibi (up to 3) or one character with basic colors
$50 gets you a full color drawing of 2 characters of your choice or a whole dang menagerie of chibi
$75 is whatever you want (except pornographic art, sorry) and I'll let my muse have free reign to go overboard; trust me, it will be goooooood.
$100 and up and I will set aside my work and draw you the kind of commission that I normally charge businesses several hundreds of dollars for.

The deadline is September 23 (the day before the marathon) but I will accept a queue of commissions from any and all up to that point.

Obviously, if there are multiple commissions, I will not finish them all by the day of the race (Sep 24th) so you will, in effect, be paying for your commission in advance on good faith.
Normally I do not do personal commissions just because the effort vs revenue is so overwhelmingly unfavorable for me, (damn this whole earning a living business anyway!  XP) but this is a special case.  I guarantee that if you donate, you WILL receive a commission in a timely manner.  I do not take your support of this cause lightly. 
It means a lot to me and my mom as well.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help!
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Head is pounding, hands are shaking. [Jul. 24th, 2011|04:57 am]
Kitana Bradford
Got some free time and so I'm wasting it playing this video game my little brother got me addicted to when he was in town.
It's a little-known game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent
But don't read that if you plan on playing.  Half of the fun (and the point) is not knowing what the heck is going on.  Hence, amnesia.  Duh.
It is a horror game obviously (my favorite genre) and may just be the scariest game I've ever played.  No, wait, scratch that, it is the scariest game I've ever played.  So, of course, I'm playing at night, it in the dark.
Or I was.
Now I'm taking a break to post because I'm overdue for some horrible monster to come chasing me through this dingy, creepy-ass castle, and I only just barely escaped the last one.  My little heart can't take it.  I'm sitting here with my legs tucked under me on the chair because I've become convinced that if I put my feet on the floor something will bite them off at the ankles.
This game...
Whoever designed this game was an evil genius.  It's low budget, but they dealt with that problem by cutting out all the unnecessaries such as NP (non-playable) characters... cut scenes... side quests...

That's right.  There are no weapons in this game.
You have to use your wits and outrun and/or hide from the monsters until they loose interest in hunting you.
Because they will chase you.  With horrifying persistence, I might add.  They will break down doors and destroy obstacles you put in their way while in pursuit of you.
And, of course, just to make things fun, you have a sanity meter. 
It goes down when you're in the dark.  And when strange things happen.  Or when monsters are near.

So here is your character; hiding in a corner behind this barely adequate tool cabinet, staring between the shelves at the pool of light in front of the door where the monster is standing, blocking the only way out, because this time he caught you off-guard in the cellar and you had to dive behind the nearest object.
You don't know if it's a good enough spot.  Is it enough?  If it is, he'll go away.  He's not going away.  Why isn't he going away!?
You drop your character to a crouch; think about trying to inch further backwards into the darkness, but you don't dare: you remember seeing wine caskets in this corner and you don't know how close they are behind you.  If you bump one and it falls over, the monster will find you.
Your character is grinding his teeth and making muted, frantic gasps with every breath.  The screen is swimming, then degrading to tunnel vision because you going insane from the dark and the monster's proximity.  Your character falls over on his side and curls up in a panicked ball.  Hell, in real life you're nearly in a ball yourself.  Holy shit, you can't see the monster from your location on the floor and you're starting to black out.
Go away go away go away go away so i can turn on the light goawaygoawaygoaway....
You can't risk it anymore.  Your character is critically low on sanity.  You light the lantern and get him on his feet, ready to run if the monster hasn't left, even though the pit in your stomach tells you that you probably won't make it.
::insert heart-pounding, vaguely nauseous seconds of frantically scanning every corner of the room::
He's gone.  For now.
"Oh thank--" (Real life: a shadow suddenly looms at the doorway in the corner of my vision) "FUCK!!!! JENNY DON'T DO THAT!!"

That's what every second of this game is like.
The line blurs between you and your character.
Play proceeds at a crawl because half the time I am just so scared about what's around the next corner, or behind the door I'm about to open, or possibly coming down the hallway I just left, and where is that weird noise coming from?  The other half of the time I'm obsessively stacking crates in strategic corners to act as fail-safe hiding places in case of dire emergency.
See what I mean?


*P.S. Jenny is my dear, sweet, sadistic roommate who (used to) show up abruptly during particularly screamy bouts of playing to see what was going on.  After this caused me to nearly pee myself, I laid down ground rules which she will obey.  Or else.  ::gives Jenny the lazy eye::
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Um, hello? [Jul. 18th, 2011|11:13 pm]
Kitana Bradford
::wonders if her friends are even on LJ anymore::
For those of you that are, hi.  :3
Been gone for a bit, but no one's surprised by that anymore, right?  ^_^;;
Lots of ups and downs in the extreme, lately.
The downs...Collapse )

On a brighter note, I just came back from said vacation.
It was pretty awesome.
I finally did it.
With my family.  We are so crazy.  :D
I LOVED every second.
Okay, well, maybe not quite so much the part where I got this epic nosebleed that gushed down the back of my throat from the force of the wind, but everything else was suh-weet.
I have to say, though, I experienced a slightly disappointing lack of fear.  I kept waiting for that moment where the adrenaline would gush, and I'd start shaking, and common sense would go 'man, what am I doing, no way, no way' and I'd have to beat it into submission where it belonged; but it never happened.
The potential was there for one split second when it was my turn to go and I was crouched in the doorway with my toes poking over the edge, staring down a drop of 14,000 feet (which looks like this by the way) and my brain finally caught up to what I was doing, but the tandem guy didn't even give the thought time to settle.  One second I'm going O,O 'oh FUC--" and the next I'm spinning through the air.  Sideways.
It was awesome.
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Not a nature girl. [May. 14th, 2011|12:41 pm]
Kitana Bradford
Soooo there's this nest in the attic above my room.  The babies have hatched and I'm about to go INSANE.  And I thought one schizophrenic early-bird (literally!) in love with his reflection during college was bad. 
(Just so you know, the early bird does not get the worm.  The early bird starves to death with no progeny whatsoever because he's too busy cooing his head off at his own stupid self at seven in the freaking morning.)
God, don't birds ever sleep?  ::pulls out hair and glares at the ceiling::
It's probably good that they're out of my reach or, let me tell you, I would have a true test of character on my hands.  That's for damn sure.

Anyway, I got kinda desperate so I searched how long it takes birds to leave the nest and got squat for an answer because I have no idea what kind of bird they are and the only significant result Googling "sound-based chinese water torture cathemeral birds from hell" turned up was a site called The Work of Michael Rose wherein the first line was 'Kenya? Bah. Obama is a four-headed leopard from the sea.'  For reasons that are sort of obvious, I did not make it much further then that. 
Google has no idea.
Neither does blogger, though it gave it it's best shot:

::DIES LAUGHING::  Damn, I waited too long.  XD
That's pretty much the best thing I've seen all week.  LAWL.

(Random belated thought: I would like it noted that what is written the screenshot was not my post.  Good grief, the day I misuse 'whole' as 'hole' I think I might just have to be shot.  Not to mention the rest of the grammatical errors.  ^_^;;;)
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Current Status: LAME [May. 14th, 2011|05:20 am]
Kitana Bradford
It is five in the morning and what am I doing?
Taking a break from work (which involves drawing mermaids), watching the anime Mermaid Forest, and eating salmon nigiri because I have a sick, sick sense of humor.  XD

Man, I'd forgotten how much I loved this series.  X3  There's just something about a strong, dark-haired guy who gets the stuffing beaten out of him on a regular basis that appeals to my morbid little heart.  Hahahahaha... ha... O.O oh wait, holy crap, I'm not kidding!
::Thinks of favorite characters::

Yuta (Mermaid Forest)?  Check.
Gohan (DBZ)?  Check.
Caliban (Nightlife)?  Check.
Gon (Hunter x Hunter)?  Check.
Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)?  Check.

Oh my god, what is wrong with me?  ^_^;;;;

Edit: Remembered more, thanks to SOMEONE who is a little devil's advocate.  ::grin::
Dean (Supernatural)?  Check.
Jayne (Firefly)?  Check.
Aragorn (LotrR)?  Check.
Duo (Gundam Wing)?  Check.
Leon (Resident Evil)? ...AH HA!  Leon has blonde hair.  And if you are freaking godlike with the headshots as some elite nerds gamers are (::coughs and buffs knuckles on shirt::), he only gets his ass handed to him on a semi-regular basis.  There.  Broke the streak.  XP
(Good thing, too, because I think I'm clean out of favorite characters, excepting maybe Master Chief, but since he damn well lives in that armor I have no idea what the crap his face looks like, much less his hair.  It's probably dark though.  He's just got a dark guy kind of personality.  In fact, he's probably SO black he's African-American.  Guys with dark hair are HAWT.  ::satisfied nod::)
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Extended wash cycle on cold. [May. 3rd, 2011|07:53 am]
Kitana Bradford
I apologize to the rest of the world for whatever droughts they are probably experiencing because every drop of rain allotted to the Earth is all coming down in Ohio.  ~_~;;;

Edit:  Oh god.  Something strange is happening.  The sky just turned this weird color and there's an odd shape in the distance... I'm worried it might turn out to be dangerous and I should go take cover in the laundry room in my apartment complex's basement or something.
I can't see it very well through the clouds but I've been watching for the past half hour and occasionally they shift out of the way and I can sorta make it out... whitish yellow like... fire.  The sky's on fire!  Oh NOES this is going to be like the end of the opening scene of Lost Odyssey! 
I'd hide, but it's probably futile.  Death is nigh.  I accept this.  Anyways, for now, it seems to be contained somehow.  In a circle.  It must be magic I say!  MAGIC!
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Warning! Zombie Plague Carrier: Ichy Tasty. [Apr. 6th, 2011|07:39 pm]
Kitana Bradford
Also, my voice right now is freaking amazing.  I sound like Morgan Freeman.

Edit:  Ha ha ha, oh god, guess what.  I was curious to see what my voice sounded like outside my head so I opened up Garageband and recorded myself reading the Cal Leandros Party post, because I can't just ramble on cue (okay, ramble intelligently on cue) and that post is the closest to what I sound like while yammering away in RL.  (In my world, when I really get going on a topic, periods tend to become somewhat optional.  ^__^;;)

It's... not as deep as I thought it was, but infinitely more retarded.  
I thought, should I post it?  Do I dare?

Hell yes, I dare. :D
Normally I wouldn't do this, but some things are just too stupid to pass up.
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Continuing to be sick and bizarre. [Apr. 6th, 2011|05:53 pm]
Kitana Bradford
Is it just me, or does anyone else notice how much veggie chips resemble rations that would be produced by the Soylent Corporation?

Mmmm-mm... delicious Soylent Green!  :D
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Dad's Birthday [Apr. 5th, 2011|05:38 am]
Kitana Bradford
How To Ensure Paternal Heath In Advancing Age By Aggressive Treatment In The Equal Disbursement of Grey Hairs.... In 8 Easy Steps Or Less!

With pictures!Collapse )
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